The next "Uber" On blockchain for on-demand delivery.

Drones, Robots and AI

ICO Round 1

(45% BONUS)

Ends in

(27th May)
  • Pay in:
  • ETH
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1 ETH = 675 ZEEW

11,000,000 ZEEW
1,000,000 ZEEW
Sold out!
Token price
Round 1 (14 days)
Round 2 (14 days)

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Zeew News Blog

25 May 2018
How to buy Zeew Tokens

Zeew has finally reached the stage where the ICO campaign is about to take off, subsequently to the successful pre-sale with a 50% discount that sold out of 1,000,000 ...

25 May 2018
The Value of Tokens

After completing a successful pre-sale with 50% discount and a sold out initial 1,000,000 Zeew tokens, we approach the next 6 rounds of the ICO campaign and are positive...

25 May 2018
The Expansion We Dream Of

One year ago a team got together with no investment but with a dream of forever changing the current delivery industry, bringing it away from the outdated methods and ...

19 May 2018
How to Support Zeew

Zeew is the latest way of thinking about shipping orders and delivering goods, offering on-demand delivery to businesses in a quick and efficient way never seen before.

14 May 2018

Zeew started in November 2016 from an idea of the CEO & Founder Mohamed Ghaith, who pondered over how delivery times often took too long ...

9 May 2018
The wait is nearly over.. 4 days to kick off!

After a successful pre-sale of 1,000,000 ZEEW Tokens at 50% discount, Zeew is getting closer to reaching the goal of expanding to other countries and...


Zeew platform

C2C Solution


Zeew - “sound”, its the sound of anything moving so fast like Zeeeeeeew
We believe that everyone should get his packages delivered "Right Now" why wait 1-2 business days when you order something online?

You may call us "Uber for packages" we allow SME's to send any package in minutes,

Zeew is a platform that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and it connects any store or Internet shop with the nearest available courier that can carry their package to their client immediately.

Zeew is currently being used by 58 businesses on daily basis, anyone can use their own car/bicycle or scooter to deliver packages and make money.

Zeew is a proud winner of:
LatBAN pitch competition
MITA Malta Innovation grant
Startupwiseguys Investment
WeXelerate batch II in Vienna

Zeew has offices in Malta and Latvia

Buy tokens

The future market place for “Right Now!” delivery!

Deliver anything in minutes, anywhere, anytime.

The Problem

90% of companies don’t have expertise in IT, e-commerce, AI, chatbots, apps, logistics and marketing.

This is where Zeew, comes in with all-in-one solution for businesses to join its platform.

Our Goal

Zeew is convinced that blockchain technology combined with smart contracts will be the core engine for the long-term delivery industry.

The creation of the ZEEW tokens is the first step in building a system of incentives and rewards to drive network effects in Zeew platform.

B2B2C Solution

Decentralized. Transparent. Tracable.
chain M ain Blockchain A B Side Chain Initiation End user Transport Info

Why do we need this?

The FBI estimates that cargo theft causes an annual loss within the United States of approximately $30 billion per year (and rising), with an average theft value of $190,000 and that applies to any business.

Disruptive Utility Token

Dynamic, more users, more uses, increase in value

Multiple uses utility Token

Tokens give us the power to incentivize participants to produce net benefits for the community.

They allow us to align everyone’s incentive around a single aim: creating truly next-generation on-demand delivery company with a community that benefits together.

By extension, a well-designed token should grow in value alongside the company. With the token our goal is to create a network effects.

ZEEW as Payment

Clients, Couriers and business

ZEEW token is the only way to access executive discounts and premiums on the platform. Businesses need tokens to pay for the ads. Couriers receive
bonuses in tokens.

ZEEW as Stake

Clients, Businesses and couriers

ZEEW tokens can be staked to access features functions that are only accessible with ZEEW tokens.

ZEEW as Reward

Clients and Couriers

Zeew gives ZEEW tokens to those who contribute and bring people
on the platform.


Lithuania, Estonia, Poland
Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway,Egypt, UAE
France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic
Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Australia


1 ETH = 675 ZEEW

ZEEW Rounds

11,000,000 ZEEW Tokens


Amount Discount Status Token price
50% SOLD OUT $0.50

ICO rounds

Date Bonus Status Hard cap
14 May - 27 May 45%
Sale Ends in
Buy Tokens
28 May - 10 Jun 36% Upcoming 1,600,000
11 Jun - 24 Jun 28% Upcoming 1,600,000
25 Jun - 8 Jul 17% Upcoming 1,600,000
9 Jul - 22 Jul 11% Upcoming 1,600,000
23 Jul - 5 Aug 7% Upcoming 1,600,000
6 Aug - 20 Aug 2% Upcoming 1,400,000

Zeew team

Our Motivated Team
Mohamed Ghaith
Founder & CEO

With over 7 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis.

Full bio
Denis Kaibagarov
Co-Founder & CTO

With over 4 years of experience in software engineering, operations, and decision analysis.

Full bio
Ciprian Khlud
Head of Blockchain development

Over 14 years of experience working with international software development teams. Blockchain guru and author of Zeew platform.

Full bio
Artur Melecis
Crypto community manager

Community Manager with ICO experience and launching our marketing and community outreach & support.

Full bio
Alvis Cirulis
Customer support

Over 5 years of experience in communication with international clients. Over 3 years of experience in corporate client management and communication. 5 years of experience in translating.

Full bio
Andrew Garbuzov
Front-end developer

10 year working in web development, hundred of launched projects and satisfied clients. Always using just fresh solutions.

Full bio

Partners & Advisors

Dr Christian Ellul
Maltese lawyer

Dr Christian Ellul is a Maltese lawyer with 13 years of experience and now focused primarily on crypto and blockchain advisory especially in relation to ICOs and tokenomics.

Full bio
Wayne Pisani
Partner, Tax and regulatory - corporate and financial services

Wayne Pisani is the Grant Thornton partner responsible for the corporate and financial services team in Malta

Full bio
Loui Mercieca
Technical advisor

Internationally experienced blockchain technical consultant, Ethereum Developer, Founder and CTO of cryptoGEEKS.

Full bio


Unique Blockchain Solutions
Grant Thornton
Audit, Tax and Advisory Services
E&S Group
Law firm
Lemberg Solutions
Software Development Company